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The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno in Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk Resort is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, dining reservation to book.  Since its debut over a year ago, it has been wildly popular and it is difficult to get a reservation even at 180+ days, especially for a larger family, but it is TOTALLY worth it if you can snag a reservation!

bon voyage breakfast review

Six months before our trip, I was up at 6am every morning trying to secure a coveted reservation for our larger group of 12 or for our immediate family of 7 and had absolutely no luck.  However, the night before, as I was checking the My Disney Experience app just in case, an opening popped up for 7 at the perfect time.  And since it was before the rest of the family would be in town, I didn’t feel bad booking it for just our family!  We didn’t tell the kids because it’s fun surprising them with something new every once in a while.

We drove over to the Boardwalk resort area and dropped our car off with the valet, a free perk if you have the Tables in Wonderland card (the card is only available to WDW Annual Passholders, DVC owners, and Florida residents).  The kids were excited to check out the Boardwalk since we’ve never been in all of our trips to WDW.

bon voyage breakfast menu

Since the Bon Voyage breakfast is a character meal, it’s a set price of $40 for adults and $24 for kids 3-9– kiddos under 3 are free!  Each meal comes with pastries, a fruit cup (it was a berry/melon mix when we were there!), your choice of entree and a non-alcoholic beverage so not a bad deal at all.

bon voyage breakfast pastries

The pastries come in a cute, little frying pan (à la Tangled) and the pastries have fun Disney touches like the sun from Tangled and a shell with a pearl from The Little Mermaid.  The kids quickly divided up our treats and snacked on them while they perused the menu.

bon voyage breakfast twist pastries

The chocolate croissant twists were definitely our favorite and our server was happy to bring out more for us to enjoy (and even packaged up the leftovers since we weren’t able to finish all of them).  We loved the fruit cups as well and our server mentioned we could have more fruit if we were interested though the kids were ready for their entrees and characters at that point.

bon voyage breakfast Flynn Ryder

Flynn Rider was the first character to stop by our table and he was PHENOMENAL!  He talked with the kids at length, watched Ellie dance and told her that she should show Punzie her moves, told jokes, and spent wayyyy more time with our family than I would have ever expected.

bon voyage breakfast Flynn Ryder smolder

And he taught the boys how to smolder- although they’re nowhere near as good at it as Flynn Rider!  They spent the rest of the day working on their own versions of “the smolder”.

bon voyage breakfast review

Our food came out right as Flynn Rider was leaving and Ben was so excited to see the giant trident in his breakfast.  Our server let me take a quick picture before she had to remove it and take it back to the kitchen.

bon voyage breakfast calzone

King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno- calzone with scrambled eggs, bell peppers, soppressata, bacon, sausage, blend of cheeses, and Sunday gravy.

Both Ben and Jacob ordered this and thought it was delicious.  It was way too much food for Ben but since he’s technically a Disney adult and we had to pay the adult price for him, I let him order it knowing that someone else would probably finish up what he couldn’t (cue teenage boys to the rescue!).  Jacob loved it and said it made for a good brunch entree (we had a 1030am reservation) since it was a combination of breakfast and lunch foods and the bite I had was tasty.

bon voyage breakfast Rapunzel

Rapunzel was the next character to come around and like Flynn Rider, she was wonderful!  She spent a ton of time chatting with the kids, listened to all of their jokes and even told a few of her own.

bon voyage breakfast review

When Ellie mentioned that Flynn Rider said she should show Rapunzel her dance moves, she was so sweet and danced with Ellie right by our table.  They went through all of the ballet positions and then twirled around for a minute.  We were really impressed with how long she was at our table and the level of interaction was amazing!

bon voyage breakfast pancakes

Tower of Pancakes: fluffy buttermilk pancakes, bacon (or sausage), and strawberry compote (on the side)

Nick and Lexie both ordered the pancakes with bacon and strawberries on the side and while the portion looks small, it was deceptively large.  The four pancakes are THICK and hearty and so neither kid was able to completely finish their meals.  Like Ben, Lexie is a Disney adult so I let her pick from the adult menu but they both would have been fine ordering off of the children’s menu.

bon voyage breakfast prince Eric

Prince Eric came to our table next and while it was fun to meet him, he wasn’t nearly as interactive with the kids as Flynn Rider or Rapunzel.  He pretty much posed for a picture and then was on his way to the next table.  I do appreciate that this character meal (and only this one!) offers the opportunity to meet the male counterparts to Disney princesses making it appeal to more than just little girls.

bon voyage breakfast disney

The Royale Breakfast: oak-grilled steak, cheesy-egg torte and fonduta, crispy onions and roasted potatoes.

Christopher and I both ordered this and thought that it was divine.  The steak (though it looks really rare in this picture) was cooked perfectly and was melt in your mouth delicious.  Christopher didn’t like the consistency of the egg torte but I thought it was good- I have heard that you can sub scrambled eggs if you aren’t interested in the torte.

bon voyage breakfast Ariel

Ariel was the last character to come to our table and she was a lot of fun!  She listened to Ellie’s stories about dancing with Rapunzel and chatted with Nick about being a mermaid versus having legs.  While the characters don’t meet in their pairs, they do dance around the restaurant together a bit but they will not pose for pictures as a couple.

bon voyage breakfast review

We were at breakfast for so long that Flynn Rider made it back to our table!  He was full of surprises and covertly showed us Rapunzel’s crown that he was holding “for safekeeping”.

We had a fantastic time at the Bon Voyage Adventure breakfast and I’m so glad that I was able to snag us those last-minute reservations.  While it probably won’t be a must-do meal for us on every trip since character meals really add up with 6 Disney adults, I’d love to do it again sometime, maybe with just the girls!  The food was fantastic and no one left hungry; in fact, we completely skipped lunch and waited to eat again until dinner because our breakfast was so filling.  When you figure that one meal covered breakfast and lunch that day, it was totally worth the price!

I know people have lamented that it is the same price as some of the character meal buffets that are all you care to enjoy but I found the food to be much better quality and flavor than we’ve had at some buffets and really, no one left hungry.  The server offered us more pastries and fruit so you could definitely fill up on that if you were still hungry.  I also appreciate that your food is brought to the table and you don’t have to navigate a buffet with little kids, nor do you risk missing characters because people are up at the buffet.  Every time we do a character buffet I spend just as much time calling kids back to the table for pictures as I do getting my food at the buffet, so it’s definitely not a leisurely meal.  So long story short, I loved that everything came to the table and we could just enjoy being there!

After breakfast, we walked around the Boardwalk area to stretch our legs and decided that we’ll definitely need to plan a time to come back (just not in the summer when it’s hot!) and explore more.  Ellie really wants to rent the surrey bikes since she’s small enough to sit in the front basket and the big kids want to come back for a treat from Ample Hills Creamery.  We had samples of a few flavors but were so stuffed from breakfast that we didn’t order anything so it’s definitely on the Disney Bucket List!  All in all, it was a great morning spent at the Boardwalk and trying out the Bon Voyage breakfast with a few of our fave characters.

Have you tried the Bon Voyage breakfast??  What’s your favorite WDW character meal??






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  1. March 16, 2019 / 5:53 am

    Great post! We haven’t been able to try the Bon Voyage Breakfast but I will definitely add it to my list. The food looks great and the character interactions sound wonderful. And don’t you just love the Boardwalk area? I love walking around there.

    • Jennifer
      March 21, 2019 / 10:12 am

      Yes! The Boardwalk area is amazing- it doesn’t even feel like you’re at Disney anymore!!

  2. March 22, 2019 / 5:37 am

    I’m glad you got a chance to enjoy this amazing place with your family. Thank you for sharing your awesome experience with us, and I hope that one day, I too will be able to make a reservation here.

  3. Marge
    May 24, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    This sounds so amazing! Thanks for sharing so many fun details! Trying to work this into our summer trip with our fast pass times. How long would you say is normal to be at the restaurant for breakfast?

    • Jennifer
      May 25, 2019 / 9:55 am

      The Bon Voyage breakfast is ABSOLUTELY amazing and I so hope that you can get it to work with your FP times!! I’ve eaten there twice- once as a group of three adults and once as our family of seven. With the group of adults, we were in and out in about an hour and it took our family about an hour and a half. If you’re concerned about time, ask for the check when you order so that you don’t have to wait around on it at the end of your meal. Also, make sure to factor in time to/from Boardwalk since it’s not inside a park. We actually recommend doing it on one of your off days (if you have any!) so that you’re not using valuable park time. Have a fun trip this summer!!

  4. February 22, 2020 / 3:40 pm

    I ate here with a bunch of vegans (and im veg) and there is a “secret” vegetarian menu! You can also dine here without the characters and sit in a different section and pay significantly less if that is of interest. Loved the food here and the location is great

    • Jennifer
      February 25, 2020 / 9:29 am

      I had no idea about the “secret” menu!! I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I do love some of the plant-based options- I’ll have to check it out!

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