Box Tops for Education at Sam’s Club

We’re gearing up for Back to School at our house so Ellie and I headed to Sam’s Club today to stock up on some of our fave BTS essentials! Right now at Sam’s Club, you can earn 12 Box Tops on eligible General Mills and Nestle™ products, and so that means that when you’re stocking up on all of your back to school faves, you can earn a boatload of Box Tops for Education!

Buy 1 Get 12 Box Tops for Education at Sam's Club PinThis post is sponsored by General Mills and Nestle™, but all opinions are my own.

Do you remember clipping Box Tops for Education off of your favorite products as a child or doing it for your own kiddos? I know that it seems like we’ve been collecting them for years at our house! At my kids’ schools, they even have classroom parties for the class that brings in the most Box Tops so we’ve always been diligent about cutting them out and dividing them up for the kids to take in. But now, the entire process is getting a whole lot easier! Box Tops are going DIGITAL!!

Found the Cinnamon Toast Crunch at Sam's Club

As we made our way around Sam’s Club, I told Ellie to make sure to look for the Box Top label, and we found them on all of our faves! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and on hectic mornings(which quite honestly is most of them at our house!), it’s cereal for breakfast, which I make sure to have several varieties on hand at any given time. I mean, with five kids, they all like something different, but the one that they can all agree on is Cinnamon Toast Crunch- so I try to NEVER run out!

Grabbed the Honey Nut Cherrios for her bro.

As we were stocking up on our General Mills faves, I tasked Ellie with finding the Honey Nut Cheerios since Ben eats them for breakfast EVERY morning (well, unless he’s having Cinnamon Toast Crunch). She thought it was pretty cool that she could pull from the middle of the display and they didn’t all fall- don’t worry, we filled the hole with a different box!

Can you tell that she loves Fruit Roll-Ups?

As a rising kindergartner, one of the things that Ellie is most excited about this back to school season is FINALLY getting to eat lunch at school like the big kids do! She’s already decided she wants to pack her lunch and insisted that we get fun treats for her to take in her new lunchbox.

Cart full of Box Tops at Sam's Club

We always head to Sam’s Club to stock up on essentials and snacks for back to school, and now we can stock up on Box Tops at the same time- a total win-win! When our kids were younger, we had to remember to clip all the Box Tops and then remember to send them into the school, but now that they’re digital, it’s soooo much easier- and with all five kids in school now, I’ll take “easier” any day!

Enjoying a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at home

As soon as we got home, Ellie ran upstairs to change into pajamas (because apparently, that’s what we do as soon as we get home?!) and wanted a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as an afternoon snack. Literally all I had time to do was unload the car and she was perched at the counter, patiently waiting for a bowl of cereal. Luckily, her much needed snack time gave me a chance to turn in those Box Tops by scanning my receipt on the Box Tops Bonus app which earned me the bonus Box Tops!

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