Paddlefish: The Best Kids’ Meals at Disney Springs

We’ve eaten at MANY restaurants at Disney Springs and I can easily say, without a doubt, that the kids’ meals at Paddlefish are the absolute BEST. The variety is unmatched, the quality is exceptional, and while slightly on the pricier side outside of Disney, they’re well worth every dollar.

Thank you so much to Paddlefish for hosting us- we received a complimentary meal, but as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

Exterior of boat restaurant Paddlefish Disney Springs

Paddlefish is conveniently docked at The Landing at Disney Springs – and given that it’s shaped like a modern steamboat, there’s no missing the restaurant.

Mask bags at Paddlefish Disney Springs

Like Terralina Crafted Italian, Paddlefish gives you these cute little bags to put your mask in while you eat. There are two floors of indoor dining space as well as a rooftop level. We definitely recommend sitting outside on the rooftop deck if you can.

Smiling family on rooftop deck at Paddlefish

One of my absolute FAVORITE parts of dining at Paddlefish is the view. I mean, where else can you get a view of Disney Springs like this?! In fact, it’s the only restaurant at Disney Springs to have rooftop waterfront seating and I bet it would be absolutely magical closer to sunset.

Paddlefish Menu

Like many restaurants, Paddlefish is still using single-use menus and is operating with slightly fewer offerings – but there’s still PLENTY to choose from.

Paddlefish Children's Menu with Wikki Stix

Now, since this post is highlighting the exceptional Children’s Menu at Paddlefish, let’s start right here. In addition to having a variety of entree choices ranging from typical chicken fingers and burgers to filet and crab, kids also get a pack of Wikki Stix to play with while they wait. We’ve never played with Wikki Stix before but oh my gosh, the kids LOVED them! The wax-covered yarn strips are bendable, twistable, and stick to each other allowing for hours of play – and they kept our table quiet so I could read the menu in peace.

Appetizers at Paddlefish Disney Springs

Bowl of Clam Chowder at Paddlefish Disney Springs

We often order a couple of appetizers for the table to split and this dinner was no different. We started with a bowl of the New England Clam Chowder and it was delicious. The big kids are more of a fan of seafood than Ellie but everyone said it was some of the best clam chowder around.

Crab guacamole and sangria at Paddlefish Disney Springs

Then we moved on to the Crab Guacamole. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m SUPER picky about my guac but this stuff was goooooood. Just the right combo of tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime, and then covered in lump crab + the tortilla chips were covered in Tajin. Heart eyes all the way!

Executive Chef Steven Richard Paddlefish Disney Springs

Executive Chef Steven Richard stopped by the table to talk about the menu and help the kids finalize their entree selections. We chatted all things crab – like the difference between snow crab and king crab.

Paddlefish Entrees (Including Kids’ Meal Options)

Paddlefish Disney Springs Kids' Menu Salmon

Without further ado, let’s get to those kids’ meals! Lexie opted for the Fish of the Day (which was and is usually) salmon and said it was prepared perfectly. It was served with mashed potatoes and green beans and proved to be the perfect amount of food for her. While Disney kids’ meals are usually intended for the 9 and under crowd, Lexie (12) and Ben (13) had no problem ordering off of the children’s menu.

Paddlefish Disney Springs Kids' Menu Filet Skewers

The littlest kiddo ordered the Filet Skewers – what can I say, she has great taste! Perfectly medium, these skewers checked every one of her boxes: delicious, filling, and finger food!

Paddlefish Disney Springs Children's Menu Snow Crab

Rounding out the kids’ meal crew, Ben ordered the Snow Crab. It’s normally served with corn on the cob and red potatoes but he opted for fries instead of corn since braces make corn on the cob difficult to eat.

How to crack snow crab legs

Since Ben had never ordered crab before, he didn’t know how to crack the shells. Our phenomenal waitress gave him a quick lesson and then he was on his way to crab deliciousness.

Paddlefish Disney Springs Kids' Menu

These two were HAPPY campers with their menu choices. They opted for things that aren’t on a normal kids’ menu and got to pretend they were adults for the night PLUS they could eat with their hands!

Stuffed Cod at Paddlefish Disney Springs

At Chef Steven’s recommendation, I ordered the Stuffed Cod, a Paddlefish favorite. Featuring their famous shrimp and scallop cornbread stuffing, the Stuffed Cod was absolutely amazing. The flavors worked perfectly together and I’m still dreaming about the mustard cream sauce. SO GOOD!!

Nick ordered the Salmon with Miso Vinaigrette (what I was originally going to order!). With a veggie stirfry and wasabi mashed potatoes, this dish is an explosion of flavor and definitely on the spicy side. Nick and I both loved it but if you’re spice averse, I’d skip it or order regular mashed potatoes.

Dessert at Paddlefish

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae Paddlefish Disney Springs

Dessert is an important part of any vacation meal and the Paddlefish dessert options did not disappoint. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae was a fun treat. While it’s not award-worthy or anything, it was prepared well and a fine option.

Chocolate Layer Cake Paddlefish Disney Springs

The chocolate cake lovers in our group devoured the Chocolate Layer Cake with its varying chocolatey textures.

Brownie Sundae Paddlefish Disney Springs

And the Brownie Sundae was quickly gobbled up. While none of the desserts were particularly inventive, they were all solid options and a great end to a delicious meal. I’ve heard that there’s a flourless chocolate cake and key lime pie that are amazing, but they’re not back on the menu yet.

Kids' Menu Cookies and Milk Paddlefish Disney Springs

On the kids’ menu, there’s a Milk and Cookies dessert option and I honestly don’t know why this isn’t on the menu at more restaurants! Ellie LOVED her choice as well as the presentation. I mean, who doesn’t like drinking their milk out of a bottle?!

Paddlefish Physical Distancing marker

Like most restaurants we’ve encountered on Disney property, Paddlefish did a great job following the new COVID protocols. Guests were seated at tables that were spread out, physical distancing was enforced and masks were required when walking around.

View of Disney Springs from Paddlefish


  • Reservations are highly recommended- you can make them online through My Disney Experience or on OpenTable
  • Pricing is $15 to $34.99 per adult
  • Located at The Landing in Disney Springs
  • Parking is free at the Disney Springs parking garages (lime is the closest!); Resort busses and boats are available as well.

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