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A big thanks to Pirates Voyage for having us for this fun family show. We received discounted tickets to attend the show.  All of my opinions are honest and my own.

As you drive into Myrtle Beach, there are billboards all over the place advertising Pirates Voyage, and they do a great job at getting kids interested and asking about the show– definitely some well-spent advertising money!  Every time we’re in town, the kids ask if we can go so this time we decided to surprise them with tickets to the show.

According to the website, you should arrive 50 minutes early in order to enjoy the preshow that’s filled with singing, dancing, and even a visit from a sea lion.  We arrived over an hour early and the entire preshow area (both the first and second floors!) was completely full so I would recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before the show if you’re interested in watching the preshow.  While we couldn’t see any of the show, it sounded cute so I would make sure to arrive early enough to watch next time.

The doors to the theater are on the second floor so if you want to be one of the first ones in, then make sure to watch the preshow from upstairs.  Seat assignments are done by section/row and then filled from one side to the other, so there’s not really a huge advantage to being the first ones in as all seats in a given section/row are basically the same.  The theater is set up like a stadium with counter seating and every section/row seemed to have a great view.  We were in the top row, one row behind the Preferred seating, and it offered a great, wide-angle view of the whole theater.  I would definitely pay the extra $5 per ticket for Preferred next time as they had a bit more interaction with the cast (especially the first row) and they were closer to the action.

Once we were seated, our server came around to get our drink orders- Coke, sweet tea and water are included with dinner but you can also order from the bar if you’re interested in an adult beverage.  The theater is divided into two sides with one rooting for the Crimson crew and the other rooting for Saphhire– it’s a great way to get the guests involved in the show!

As the show was starting, our server began to bring out the delicious, four-course feast!  We started out with the Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup and Buccaneer Bread.  The soup is so popular that they sell the mix online and in the gift shop.  Note for parents: forks are the only utensil allowed so pack a plastic spoon if your little one will have trouble drinking the soup like a pirate.

The show itself was phenomenal and packed with epic stunts.  We were all amazed at the sheer strength of the pirates as they climbed the poles and did acrobatics on them.

The kids all said that the aerial stunts were their favorite part– the height that the pirates could get during their acrobatics was amazing.  They also really liked the animals in the show– a sea lion, dogs, and even ducks!

Our dinner feast continued: half of a roasted chicken, bbq pork, corn on the cob, and an herb-basted potato.  BBQ sauce was available as well and of course, our kids put it on everything!  Another note for parents: no knives were available to cut the chicken off of the bone but we had good luck doing it with two forks.  Just be aware that everything is designed to be eaten either with a fork or hands so if you have littles that are not accustomed to eating chicken on a bone or corn on the cob, it requires a bit of extra work.

All of our kids were completely mesmerized during the show– we even had to remind them to eat!  Once they polished off their dinners, the apple turnovers were served and we watched the epic battle continue.  While the show isn’t overly scary, there is one part that is really dark/foggy and has skeleton pirates so it may frighten some littles– ours were not fazed at all.

At the end of the show, the Crimson crew beat the Sapphire crew (booooo!!!) but there was more than enough treasure to go around.  We had a great time on our voyage with Captain Blackbeard and would definitely do it again in the future.

Things to Remember if You’re Embarking on Pirates Voyage

  • Arrive early– at least 90 minutes if you want to see the preshow
  • Pay the extra $5 for Preferred seating and be closer to the action
  • Forks are the only utensil allowed– pack a plastic spoon for the soup and use two forks instead of a knife if you have little pirates in your group


Have you ever attended a dinner show in Myrtle Beach?  Which one and would you recommend it?



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  1. June 1, 2018 / 12:44 pm

    That looks like such a fun outing for the whole family! My little buckaroos will adore the pirate-themed entertainment.

    • Jennifer
      June 1, 2018 / 3:04 pm

      Yes, so much fun! And they did a great job with the over-the-top pirate theme so the whole thing felt really immersive.

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