Reunion Resort: A Great Place for Families

Are you planning a trip to the Orlando area? Are you completely overwhelmed with figuring out where to stay? There’s definitely no shortage of options in the Orlando area ranging from regular hotel rooms, to themed Disney hotel rooms, to timeshare/condo properties, to vacation homes. As a family of seven, we obviously don’t fit in a standard hotel room and even moving up to a suite, still have issues with (often) only having one bathroom and not enough room to really spread out and be comfortable. This was our first time staying in a Reunion Resort vacation home near WDW and it was ah-mazing- you can check out the full tour of our vacation house here!

Fun at Reunion PinA huge thanks to Reunion Resort for hosting us- we received a complimentary stay but all opinions are honest and my own.

As you likely already know, we spend quite a bit of time in Orlando every year even though we live in North Carolina. We make the drive down several times of year to check out the theme parks and as such, have stayed in a variety of accommodations over the years. When we take a quick weekend trip to Orlando for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party we typically stay in a hotel and deal with the small space, but when we go for a week plus, we definitely are looking for something with more space.

We’ve done the timeshare/condo thing and while we’ve enjoyed them, Reunion Resort is a whole different ballgame. With condos, villas, and vacation rental homes, there’s something for everyone (and every budget!) at Reunion. The vacation rentals feature full-size kitchens along with living and dining areas and many have private pools, game rooms, and more!

Themed Bedrooms

Star Wars themed bedroom

The kids were SO EXCITED to see the themed rooms in our vacation house. While not every house has themed bedrooms, those that do have executed it flawlessly! It’s so much more than just some Star Wars bedding on the bunk beds…

Girls going to sleep in Star Wars bedroom

It’s the whole Millenium Falcon!!! The girls thought it was awesome to climb aboard and I’m sure were dreaming of cute little Ewoks or Porgs or something (clearly, I am not the Star Wars fan in our house since I have no idea if those are good or bad!)! Can you think of a better place to sleep before heading to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for the day?!

Loving the Harry Potter themed room

The boys quickly claimed the Harry Potter room and in fact, Ben now has plans to redo his entire room just like this one! I love the attention to detail and even the littlest things- like the nightlight above- were perfectly done. This room is perfect for any budding wizard whether or not you’re visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on your trip!

Private Backyard Pools at Reunion Resort

Swimming in the backyard pool

Like most kids, ours LOVE swimming and since we don’t have a backyard pool at home, having one in the backyard on vacation was a real treat! As soon as we walked into the house, the kids were begging to change into their suits and jump in- so that’s what we did!

Fun in the backyard pool

Most of the vacation homes at Reunion Resort have a private backyard pool (and hot tub!) and you can even pay for pool heat so that you have warm water year-round.

Relaxing in the hot tub

It was so relaxing being able to let the kids unwind and swim and not having to worry about crowds or other people while they were playing. Plus, since most of ours are preteens/teens, I wasn’t worried about them being in the pool while I watched from inside so they were able to spend way more time swimming than if I needed to actually take them to the pool!

Cooking At the House

Cooking breakfast

As our kids have gotten older, it’s become apparent that we spend WAYYYY more money on food when we’re traveling (and really, when we’re at home, too!) than we used to, but having a full kitchen allows us to cook some meals at the house. And since we’re saving money on the food end, we can spend a bit more to stay somewhere bigger- totally a win-win situation!!

Lounging on the couch

The kids had plenty of room to spread out and relax watching TV while Jake made breakfast for everyone. The other two were around somewhere… seriously, so much room in this house!

Breakfast around the table

And then they gathered around the table for breakfast! Eggs, toast, and fruit are relatively inexpensive when you make them at home, and they’re a nice hearty breakfast to fuel the day. Since we weren’t running out the door to track down food first thing, our whole morning was more relaxed and enjoyable!

Breakfast by the pool

Our house had so many seating options, including outside by the pool, which was the perfect place to enjoy my delicious homemade breakfast!

Now, if you’re looking to check out one of the restaurants at Reunion Resort, they’re running a special summer promotion through the end of September and Kids Eat Free at both The Reunion Clubhouse and Traditions Restaurant all day long! Definitely worth checking out if you’re not in the mood to cook!

Reunion Resort Waterpark

Checking out the water park

In addition to private backyard pools and ten resort pools spread throughout the property, Reunion Resort has a waterpark! After breakfast, we loaded up the kids and drove over to the waterpark for some fun in the sun. And yes, the resort is large enough that you do have to drive places or you can take the free resort shuttle!

Reunion water park

With a massive water play structure complete with slides, the waterpark is any kids’ dream! And even in the peak summer season, it wasn’t overly crowded and we found plenty of empty chairs throughout the park- even enough together for our whole group to spread out under umbrellas.

Fun on the lazy river

But our favorite part, without a doubt, was the 1000- foot lazy river!!

Lazy river waterfall

There were plenty of tubes available and we loved floating around and around and around! The lush landscaping really added to the tropical vibe, as did the beach bar with tropical drinks (at reasonable prices!).

After pool snacks

We ordered some snacks from The Grill at the Water Park and took them back to the house to share before getting cleaned up for dinner. Even though we didn’t cook this “meal” in our room, the dining room table was the perfect spot to enjoy our afternoon snack.

Media Room and Games

Playing a game of pool

The pool table in the loft upstairs was a hit! The kids even had a mini pool tournament during our stay!

Air hockey in the media room

Downstairs, we found air hockey and even Ellie got in on the action! Since air hockey can get a bit noisy, I really appreciated that this game was in a room with a door versus being in the loft upstairs!

Foosball in the media room

Watching Chris and Nick play foosball brought back childhood memories of playing it with my sister when we were traveling in Canada one summer. We spent hours playing it in the game room of our apartment complex so it was fun to watch my own kids spend hours playing. And you better believe I got in on that foosball fun, too!

Movie night in the media room

The downstairs media room (where the air hockey and foosball were located) was fully outfitted with a projector and surround sound. We popped Newsies into the blu-ray player and snuggled up on the couch/chairs for a family movie night that I don’t think our kids will forget anytime soon.

There’s so much to do at Reunion Resort that we didn’t even go to a theme park while we were there, not that we really had the time. We were busy from morning to night taking advantage of all the resort amenities and fun things to do in our vacation house. In the future, I’d love to rent a bigger house and invite the whole family to come out for a week of fun; the vacation homes at Reunion have anywhere from 3-13 bedrooms so they’re great for groups of all sizes– even family reunions!

If you’re interested in booking a stay at Reunion Resort (and I most definitely recommend that you do!) go here to book and use the code SAVE20 to save 20% off villas and 10% off select vacation homes.

Where’s your fave place to stay in the Orlando area??

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